About Me

My Childhood Memory - Refused to dissect frogs in class, but was all over dissecting a camera

I first dissected a camera when I was little with my dad. I was fascinated. We figured out where the shutter was, and what happened when we push different buttons. We never put the camera back together, but it was a fun project to learn how the camera (and many other mechanical things) worked!  

What I Love About Photography

I love taking and editing photos - it's my Bliss, which is one of 4 Bs I strive for (more on that, check out my website - Do What You Really Want). I lose track of time when I am holding a camera or my laptop. It's what makes me hold my breath in excitement - especially when I know I got "the shot". 

What Kind of Photos I like to Take

I love taking travel photos, photos of my kids, and photos of families - expecting, brand new, or with lots of experience. I love taking pictures of people when they don't think I am taking pictures. :) I personally hate to be in front of the camera, so I know I look the most natural when I don't realize the camera is there. I love those moments more than anything. So I would love to be your fly on the wall - in the cleanest pretty way. 

When I Am Not Taking Pictures

I have traveled to over 40 countries, and love to travel. I am also a mom to 2 boys, wife to an amazing husband, daughter, sister, attorney and business owner of Do What You Really Want (all about Beauty, Brains, Bravery, and Bliss - what makes my everyday life meaningful and fun), and Henry and Andrew's Guide (family travel website with lots of San Francisco with Kids content). Yup - I'm busy, and I love it! Thank you for being part of my Bliss. Can't wait to learn about your "about me". If you are a photographer, someone that needs photography, or relate to anything I said here, please contact me. Let's get to know each other!







San Francisco, California