How to make the angel wings for boudoir photo shoots

Angel wings - it’s such a stunning prop for boudoir shoots.

I wanted to make these because I couldn’t justify the cost of some of the drop-dead-gorgeous angel wings sold for over $1500. They are gorgeous, don’t get me wrong. I am sure they also use much more expensive materials than I did.

These wings cost me probably about $250, and approximately 7-10 or so hours to make, including the time to go to a hardware store, Michaels, and look around on Amazon and Etsy for all the materials. Oh, and research time too!

I’m just going to jump right into it!

Here is the list of materials I used to make the angel wings:

  • Meter or longer electrical wire that you can shape. Go to a hardware store and check out the best kind they have. (Approximately $7)

  • Wire cutters - to cut the electrical wires the right length (Approximately $10)

  • 36 or 48 inch wide lace (what I used was 2 x 12 inch lace I purchased on Amazon. Getting this width will save you time by not having to glue two pieces) (Approximately $10)

  • Mannequin (Approximately $40)

  • 100 Ostrich Feathers (What I used was between 10-14 inches - approximately $70.00)

  • 400 Goose Feathers (Approximately $36)

  • 1in x 5 yd lace ribbon for the “bones” and covering the elastic arm bands (Approximately $8)

  • Plastic to lay under when you glue stuff to protect the surface you are working on. I used a shower curtain liner. (approximately $9)

  • Glue gun and glue. Lots of glue. I went through 2 bags. (Approximately $15)

  • Plate or something you don’t mind ruining to place the glue gun - the glue gun can get messy! (Free for me)

  • Elastic for arm band (I used a tan color, but wished I got the white) (Approximately $8)

  • Optional: Lace embroidery accent (Approximately $9)

Here are the steps I took to make the angel wings:

Check out the gallery below for more details and images, but this is how I made the angel wings.

  1. Get all the materials from various stores and from around your house

  2. Use the mannequin to shape the electrical wire. For my wings, the wire goes down to about half the length of the wings

  3. Wrap lace around the wire and use glue gun to secure

  4. Use the mannequin to figure out where to put the elastic so it will hold up the wings. What’s show in my image below was not wide enough in my opinion. I would go a little wider.

  5. Hot glue the long lace. Use a spatula or something so you don’t have to use your fingers! The glue will seep through the lace and it will burn your fingers (like mine in the pic below)

  6. Once the lace is set, lay out the feathers to make sure you have enough. I used a total of 100 10-12 inch ostrich feather, which covered both wings, on one side. If you want it on all sides, and want the wings to be longer than mine, then get double. I also used 400 goose feather for the front side, and to fill in the ostrich side as well as to cover up the bones of the ostrich. (The ostrich feathers had kind of an ugly brown color to it.) I secured all the feathers with a glue gun.

  7. The hard part is done! Good job! Once you covered the entire lace with the feathers, I shaped the wings to there’s an opening where the butt will be (hello butt cheeks!) with a glue gun.

  8. Once that was done, I covered the elastic portion with lace. You could leave it as is, but I like the look of the lace better than the elastic. I also added a lace embroidery because I think it will be HOT on a naked body covering just the right places. I kept it detachable so it could be used with or without.

There you have it!

I hope this inspired you to make your own! If this is too much work and time for you, I totally get it. I did added this item to my Etsy shop, if you want me to do all the work for you! (Yup, it’s way more than cost, but it seriously takes time and effort out of my time.) I will be happy to make it in any color or shape you want. Just DM me!

When you make yours, send me pics of your wings and I will feature it on my VIP Boudoir Facebook Group!

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