Hi, I’m Emily, and I do not want to date your significant other

One of the first things your significant other might say when they open the album, keepsake box with photos, or whatever amazing gift you got for him/her is…. “who took these?” My husband did! Well, just send him/her this post!

Here’s a little bit about me, and why I take boudoir photos and love it!

Are you a lesbian?


Let’s just get right to it. lol Nope! I am happily married to a man, and super attracted to him. That maybe one of the reasons I do not do “dudoir” (dude-boudoir) because that will be sexual to me, and in my opinion not okay to do as a married person.

Think of it as going to the doctors - are you okay with your significant other going to the doctors and getting her breasts examined? I hope so! It’s just like that. What I do is completely professional, and I am there to make your significant other look her best in front of my camera, and take gorgeous photographs.

I was brainstorming what other questions you may have, but this might be it… Just in case you want to know more, read on. :)

Where do you take your pictures?

I do not have a studio, but I basically go anywhere my clients want me to. I do have studio rental space that’s available all over the Bay Area, and may rent a space for my photo sessions. So, I may take the photos outside or at a studio. I never take photos at my home, or I rarely ever go to client’s home.

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What do you do with my significant other’s photos?

It depends on what she wanted. For the most part, I do not share boudoir images online unless I have explicit consent from the client or model. I do use models for most of my marketing materials, and even then, I make sure the model says I could use it.

I especially do not share any topless/nude photos anywhere. As you can see on my website, most of my images do not show anymore than when someone is wearing a bikini!

As for all of my photos, any photos that a client purchases are sent via a secure, password protected online gallery where she can download, share with you, or order prints and products. Images not purchased are deleted.

What if she gave consent to share and I want it taken down/deleted?

I respect my clients wishes and agreement with me. Please talk to her and have her contact me if that’s the decision SHE made. I am happy to take down any photos, any time, as long as that’s the decision she made.

More about Emily

I am a mom of 2 boys, wife to an amazing husband, full time attorney, and part time photographer. I photograph families, babies, couples, and yes - women in general! I love to capture women in every stages of life. I believe photos are a keepsake of a memory and who you are, that lasts beyond a lifetime. Every image should be a celebration of how amazing someone is, captured in 1/350-1/2000 second at a time. How cool is that? Feel free to check out my general photography website to learn more about me and what I do.

Now that you know that it wasn’t a total creeper who took your significant other’s photos, I hope you enjoy them, and cherish them forever. My husband still has photos of me that I gave him for our 1 year anniversary in his wallet. It’s the sweetest thing.

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