Why You Don’t Have to Be Skinny, Young, and Not Awkward to Get Amazing Boudoir Pictures

Me, being awkward and not really posing

Me, being awkward and not really posing

Me, with a little sass and giving better angles. I am definitely not young, skinny or naturally sexy! :)

Me, with a little sass and giving better angles. I am definitely not young, skinny or naturally sexy! :)

“I am too awkward to take boudoir pictures” “I don’t look like a model!” “I’m too old” are the biggest excuses (yes - they are excuses!) I hear from potential clients all the time.

Here are 12 ways that I can rest assure you that I can make you feel like Beyoncé no matter what size, age, or goofy you are. And you will look it too! 


It’s all about shinning light on your favorite features. And in photography, it’s literally true! I will find the best angles, and focus on those spots that you love about yourself to make that stand out! The light will light up just the parts you need, and the shadow will cover the parts that you are not so proud of.


You don’t have to study any poses before your shoot. I got it for you! Just make sure to bring some Advil’s with you because you will be bending, popping, and arching in ways you are totally not used to!  


Seriously. You will look gorgeous when you have a genuine laugh. I am not above making awful jokes to make you laugh. Or I’m just naturally goofy so you may just laugh at me. Whatever it is - it will get you nice and relaxed and take care of that “awkward” feeling.

Choose the right outfits  

This is an entirely separate blog post because I can really break it down, but there are perfect outfits for every body type! If you book a session with me, I will provide a style guide based on your body type and specific concerns. One also very important part of choosing your outfits is the shoes and accessories! Some shoes will lift your butt up more than others. Accessories can also cover up or accentuate body parts (hello belly chain!).


While we plan for our shoot, one of things I ask you is your favorite pump-you-up music. I will be blasting this while you get ready, and this is going to get you going! You will get in this sexy zone, and there goes the awkwardness.

Face posing

This is a thing! If you think you are too awkward to make sexy faces, don’t worry! I got you covered there too. I have a big list of ways to get you looking sexy, even if you are just saying the letter “o” really slowly. 😂  

Think of all your plus sized, “awkward” celebrities that still look HOT

That will be you. You are getting a glamorous photo shoot! You are going to look absolutely the best, and getting your photos taken by a trained photographer. YOU WILL BE A ROCKSTAR!

Scars shmars

You may have scars that you hate, but your significant other won’t care, I won’t care, and you won’t care once you see your gorgeous pictures! If you still want it gone… (go to the next section)

“Scars are there forever, might as well love them.” ~ Anonymous

If all fails, Photoshop! 

After the photo shoot, if you want anything changed (yes, including losing those extra 5lbs that the camera puts on), I can get rid of it for you (to a certain extent). What I want for you is to have an amazing experiencing getting glammed up, getting a photo shoot done, feel amazing, see the pictures, and receive the pictures you will look back on FOREVER with pride, joy, and confidence. Whatever it is that you want me to do to make that happen, I will!!

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