Stanford Cactus Garden Photo Shoot - Be Careful of the Prickles!

Ok - when we decided on a mini shoot at the Stanford Arizona Cactus Garden, we were a little worried that the kids might get poked. Little did we know, I - the photographer - would get pricked in the butt not only once but twice! AND I came home with prickles all over my ankles on my jeans. Bring butt protection!

All kidding aside, be aware of your surroundings and don’t squat down too quickly when you are shooting here. :)

Besides that, here is my usual round up of tips on shooting at the Stanford’s Cactus Garden!

Parking at the Stanford Cactus Garden:

There are street parking, maybe about a 5 minute walk from the garden. It’s hard to spot the garden from the streets (the front of it was under renovations when we went) but once you park close to where your GPS says it is, you will see it walking towards it.

What you will see at the Stanford Cactus Garden:

Well, besides lots of cactus (sorry - don’t know all the different types!), the garden is surrounded by lots of trees and tree stumps to diversify your background! If you have time to walk around further, Stanford hospital is close (I know weird place for a photo shoot), but the buildings have surprisingly nice features as backdrops! The Stanford campus is also absolutely gorgeous. It was a little tricky though to make sure cactuses didn’t sprout out of the models heads. I did have to photoshop out some cactus so it didn’t look like people didn’t have extra long green heads. :)

The Crowds at the Stanford Arizona Garden:

We were there in the afternoon golden hour on a Sunday in the middle of the holiday card season (aka Oct/Nov). There were probably 3 other photo shoots happening. We all had plenty of space to work around each other, and I didn’t have to photoshop anyone out!

Family mini session tips and pricks (I mean tricks :)) at the Stanford Arizona Cactus Garden!

Family mini session tips and pricks (I mean tricks :)) at the Stanford Arizona Cactus Garden!

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