Boudoir Parties ~ Per Person

Boudoir Parties ~ Per Person

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Perfect for bachelorette parties or before going on a girls night out. After this session, you will be glammed up, amped up, and ready to go!

In this session, each person in your party will receive:

  • Professional hair and makeup done

  • Photo shoot with 2 outfits per girl (generally 20-30 minutes each)

  • Private ordering session that night

  • Digital images, prints and products purchased separately

Are you coming with the bride? It’s free for the bride as long as you will have 3 or more girls joining you and the bride will get a special robe that says “bride” on it as well as one digital image! Learn more about bachelorette parties here.

Per person:
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For more information, check out my bachelorette party boudoir page!